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Childhood is a time filled with wonder and imagination.

The magic of a child’s imagination grows out of the quiet moments. As I watch my own children explore the big world around them, I am often struck by their ability to make the simplest experience absolutely magical. In my work as a photographer, my best and most favorite moments are when I can escape with my littlest clients into their world, to try to see and capture what they see as they live. A "Storyteller" session captures these beautiful experiences for you to treasure forever.

A "Storyteller" session is individually personalized for your child or children to capture their personalities, interests, and imaginations. I will work with you to create a "once in a lifetime" experience including wardrobe or costumes, appropriate props, and the perfect location. The artistic editing I do on a "Storyteller" session is more extensive than a regular session and adds even more magic to your collection.

For more information on products and packages, and to plan your own Storyteller Session, give me a call at (559) 393-1036 today!