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Proudly Serving Fresno County & Surrounding Areas since 2016!

Hey, there! I’m Becky. I can’t wait to meet you!

My favorite part of photography is that moment when I manage to capture the very essence of a person in their picture. We all know those images…a baby’s laugh, a kiss on the cheek, loved ones gathered together…just a glimpse and we are transported back to that moment, or flooded with memories of times like those pictured. Many of us, myself included, have the impulse to hide when a camera appears, but it’s so important to be vulnerable every once in awhile and preserve who you are. My aim is to do just that – to capture an authentic YOU!

I’m super proud to be the mama of four spectacular young men – Oliver, 15, is my trusty sidekick and often helps with sessions. Milo, 12, is our gifted growing musician. Xander, 7, will charm your socks off. And Rory, 5, is equal parts the sweetest kid on earth and the busiest little beastie on the block! My partner in crime, my awesome husband Adam, keeps our house running and helps everyone with the adventure of the homeschooling life. We live in Kingsburg, a charming little place in central California that at times feels like it’s in a time warp… the best parts of traditional small town life. I love my cozy little studio on our main street downtown. Come by for a visit! I’ll even treat you to a delicious goodie from the bakery downstairs!

I am quite honored to be included for the eighth year in a row on’s lists of Best Newborn and Portrait Photographers in the Fresno area!


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