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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Becky, the photographer at the Field House.


My favorite part of photography is that moment when I manage to capture the very essence of a person in their picture. We all know those images…a baby’s laugh, a kiss on the cheek, loved ones gathered together…just a glimpse and we are transported back to that moment, or flooded with memories of times like those pictured. Many of us, myself included, have the impulse to hide when a camera appears, but it’s so important to be vulnerable every once in awhile and preserve who you are. My aim is to do just that – to capture an authentic YOU!

I developed an interest in photography during childhood, and was bursting with pride over my first camera, a little hot pink 110-film outfit with a pop-up flash. Over the years, other creative pursuits took most of my time and attention. It wasn’t until our first baby, Oliver, came along that the interest was rekindled. We bought our first DSLR, and I began learning the ins and outs of manual shooting. Friends began asking me to take portraits for them, and before I knew it…a passion was born!

I was super honored to be included again this year in Expertise.com’s list of Best Newborn Photographers in Fresno!

Best Newborn Photographers in Fresno